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  • Your first Computer

    I was chatting about this with a friend and we where just amazed in how much technology and the price of computers. My families first PC was a Packard Bell. Intel 133
    32megs ram in 4 sims
    2 gig hd but for an extra 200bucks my dad got the extra 2 gig.
    It had the best 15" monitor

    And our first game was the flight sim with windows 3.1 and navigator

    My dad paid $2500 for that beast. 4 months after we got it the monitor turned green just like the Packard Bell monitors where known to do.

    Any one else remember your first machines?
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.

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    Re: Your first Computer

    Apple iMac G3 with 64Megs of ram 5Gig Hdd and an Intel 400Mhz proc... I was like 9 when i got it, and i hate the mouse.

    My dad's old commodore 64 was the first computer that I saw though, but i was practically a baby.


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      Re: Your first Computer

      It was a no-name box put together by our neighbor. An old "eight-eighty". I played 5.25 floppies of Larry vs. Bird, and Conflict. Try playing Conflict now, and it's still awesome. I have the floppy framed in my office. My first real computer was a Compaq Presario 486. I played lots of Streetfighter on that, with all 8 3.5 disks that it came with :) Those were the days. Anyone else waste a lot of time on Online BBS's?


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        Re: Your first Computer

        My first computer was a Zenith 286. I think the cpu ran at 8mhz It had no hard drives and two 5.25" floppy drives. You'd have to boot the computer from a floppy disk, and run your program off another. The monitor was 12", yellow on black. The next was a 386, with a 40MB HD and 2MB RAM. My dad and I upgraded it years later to a 486, running at 40mhz, with a 500MB HD and 16MB RAM and a 1xCD-ROM drive.
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          Re: Your first Computer

          Atari 600 XL, and I got a disc drive for it.

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            Re: Your first Computer

            Commodore 65 with self-build adapter for cassette tape recorder.
            Later floppy drive.

            Then the Atari ST with HD!

            PC only with a usable CPU; i.e. 386 & System V Unix.


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              Re: Your first Computer

              I think my first "computer" was a Texas Instruments 9000. It was more a game machine, but I think I remember doing simple programs on it.

              The one after that was a big upgrade to a Tandy 1000 (I think), with a 40 meg hard drive, a 286 processor, two 20 meg partitions (one for my dad, one for me) and I think a couple megs of RAM. I had a lot of games and still couldn't imagine filling the 20 megs up.

              I ran a tiny BBS called Deathtongue (bonus points to who knows what that's named after) and wasted countless hours playing Global War on various WWIV BBSes. Good times. :)
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                Re: Your first Computer

                Commodore VIC-20
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                  Re: Your first Computer

                  Spectrum ZX81

                  Z80A Microprocessor clocked at 3.25MHz.
                  1K RAM
                  8K ROM containing BASIC.
                  A single ULA for all I/O functions.
                  3.5mm cassette tape interface for loading/saving programs.
                  UHF output for display on a TV set.
                  9v DC power supply

                  That thing powered a great little flight sim.

                  Those were the days :)


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                    Re: Your first Computer

                    Tandy Color Computer with the huge external floppy when it was available. Until then, the good 'old cassette to play Taxi Cab. :)


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                      Re: Your first Computer

                      Originally posted by CingularDuality View Post
                      Commodore VIC-20
                      Same here.

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                        Re: Your first Computer

                        1978: TRS-80 color computer. Paid 780$ CDN


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                          Re: Your first Computer

                          Commodore 64 then a Packard Bell 25 Intel 25
                          16megs ram. 20 mb hard drive I think. Played CIV 1 on it.

                          Then moved to a Dell 133 for Age of Empires I think. This baby really rocked in its day.
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                            Re: Your first Computer

                            Commodore 64. I upgraded by adding a cassette tape drive and then later to a 5 1/4" floppy. The next machine was an 8088 with a 5 1/4" floppy and a monochrome monitor. After that we got a 286 with 4 megs of ram. I spent HOURs on BBS's on that old 286.
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                              Re: Your first Computer

                              Sinclair ZX-80, Sinclair Spectrum 48k, C64 with 1651 DD, Amiga, PCs of various descriptions.
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