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nVidia 8800 DX10 certified?

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  • nVidia 8800 DX10 certified?

    Has anyone seend any information to indicate if the 8800 is DX10 certified? I see a lot of references that it is a DX10 card, but I'm not sure what that means if it doesn't pass certification.

    For those of you not familiar with DX10 requirements to be a DX10 card you must support the full set of DX10 functionality rather than a selected subset as is the case in previous DX versions.

    Hrmm..and as I was pondering that I notice that I can no loger find information on the MS website on DX10 logo requirements...but here are some interesting bits of info from Wikipedia:

    Direct3D 10 no longer uses "capability bits" to indicate which features are active on the current hardware. Instead, it defines a minimum standard of hardware capabilities which must be supported for a display system to be "Direct3D 10 compatible". Therefore, contrary to the previous revisions of Direct3D, it requires new graphics hardware to run at all, whereas prior versions allow the old hardware capabilities to be addressed within the new interface.
    Many of the advanced features and performance improvements of Direct3D 10 mandate the use of WDDM-compliant drivers.
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    Re: nVidia 8800 DX10 certified?

    It is fully certified. I don't think there can be cards that are partially DX10 compatible since it has to support all the features. If you want one DX10 feature, you get all of them or else you won't be able to use DX10. Also, nVidia has been throwing around that the 8800 is the world's first DX10 card.

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