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Confusion on LCD Monitors

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  • Confusion on LCD Monitors

    ok..i have a nice one at work, but still have CRT at home..and am looking to upgrade for Xmas maybe..but i really find that i do not know a lot about these things...

    i really like this one:

    and as i look at teh specs, it is "fast" (whatever gray-to-gray means), has a HUGE contrast ratio (whatever the hell that means) but its "brightness" is only 250 when compared to most of the others' 300 cdm2...which i also do not know what the hell means..

    is this monitor worth the additional cost over the same (well..almost) specs as my acer AL1951 like i have at work..?:row__628:

    and what about that 2ms Benq..? it is really cheap..

    and do i want "widescreen"..? or "normal"..?

    can you guys give me some options/opinions please..?

    much appreciated..! :)

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    Re: Confusion on LCD Monitors

    I don't suggest normal to any gamer. Most of the current games don't have very good support for widescreen resolution or don't have support for widescreen at all.

    And that Samsung that you linked to, it's very nice, I do highly suggest it. The contrast ratio is excellent and will give you a very nice picture (black will look more black, etc.). Now the brightness isn't a biggie, it can still brighten up fairly well, and for most games, you don't need to use the full 250cdm2. Not to mention, I have the one just before yours (931B), so it is a nice line of monitors. At 2ms response, your not going to notice any ghosting that some gamers seem to constantly gripe about.
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