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Old games and new(er) video cards.

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  • Old games and new(er) video cards.

    I have some games that are a bit older (CivIII being one of them).

    They all install and start up and I hear the background music plaing. But the screen is black and the monitor says "Out of scan range".

    I had a hunch so I took out my 6800 gs and put back in my old ATi. And the game came up just fine. I notice that the default resolution was either 640x480 (or might have been 800x600). I changed it to 1024x768, re-installed the 6800gs and it now it works.

    I have noticed that in the control panel I can't even set my resolution to 640x480. 800x600 is their but the games can't seem to invoke it.

    Any body else have this problem? Found any solution other than hunting down each applications config file and setting them there?
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    Re: Old games and new(er) video cards.

    That's a very weird problem. I've never had that problem happen with any of my older games.

    Hmm, did you install the drivers for your monitor? If you didn't I suggest you do, nowadays just plug and play sometimes doesn't invoke the best compatibility.

    Personally I don't think CivIII is "old", it's still more recent than say AOE 1 or Freespace 1.
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