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mic problem with x-fi extreme audio

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  • mic problem with x-fi extreme audio

    Hi guys, i wonder if any of u guys can help me.

    just bought a new pc which has x-fi extreme audio sound card. problem is when i try to use my headset,eg when using teamspeak i can hear other peopel but they cant hear me(and ts shows no sound going thru my mic) also if any sounds play(like email alerts) although the mic isnt working people can hear these their end!

    i Have mic into line in then headphones in the next plug hole..

    please help its driving me mad!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: mic problem with x-fi extreme audio

    From the sounds of it, the recording device is set to "What-U-Hear", you need to change it to Microphone. You'll need to get a Windows user to tell you how to do that.

    Also, plug the microphone plug into the microphone socket. ;)
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      Re: mic problem with x-fi extreme audio

      Hey NMonkey1977...

      I had the same problem when I bought my X-Fi. I did a little hunting around and it is a case of a program trying to "HELP" too much. The program always expects people to be using Mic 1 as an input so to make it easy on people that switch out of Mic 1 the program changes it...

      This link is to the Steam forums that has one line you can add so that it stops "HELPING" you.

      Once you put that line in then you can put your Sound Properties to either Line/Mic2 or "What You Hear" and you should be all set to go...

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