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  • Motherboard - Suggestions Please

    Hi all, some of you may know that I am building a new PC.

    Intel Core 2 Duo e6600
    Corsair 2GB Ram (PC5400)
    BFG GeForce 7900GS SLI

    - Basically need to choose a mobo now. Something that supports SLI, and something that I can upgrade in the future. I would love to have a board that can handle the quad cores, and possibly 8GB of Ram. I was looking at the P5N32-E but I heard it has some problems.

    Need help!

    Thanks gents
    |TG| Pilot.

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    Re: Motherboard - 680i: ASUS vs EVGA

    Narrowed my search down to 2 mobo's...

    Asus P5N32-E 680i chipset
    EVGA 680i chipset

    Both seem identical...

    I heard the ASUS has problems with 4GB of RAM or more, and that the EVGA has problems with the SATA.
    |TG| Pilot.


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      Re: Motherboard - Suggestions Please

      There's an article to read about the 680i chipset issue. It seems nVidia has release a beta BIOS to fix the problem.

      I think all Core 2 boards out there that fit your SLI requirement have quad core support. You can look at the Intel 975 and 965 chipsets for some boards if you want to check out something outside of nVidia. You'd be using hacked drivers to get SLI support so I don't know how often drivers get modified for non-nVidia chipset use.

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        Re: Motherboard - Suggestions Please

        Thanks once again Sarc! I decided on the EVGA board. I'll post my final specs once I get this machine built! It keeps getting more and more upgraded before I even start it! Bank account sure isnt liking this!
        |TG| Pilot.




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