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Linksys Wireless/Windows User Fastswitching Problem

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  • Linksys Wireless/Windows User Fastswitching Problem

    So heres the problem that i'm facing:
    Linksys has put a new feature into their wireless security systems, where installing the linksys wireless configurator utility disables windows user fastswitching. The solution to this is to uninstall the configurator and let the windows Wireless zero configurator handle the wireless connections. The file that stops fastswitching is GTGina.dll and any attempts to bypass it (i.e. removing registry queries for it) wind up in your network not being accessable from what i've read.

    The problem is twofold:
    1.)I get lots of people that come through my house and routinely want to use my computer. I have no problem with this. I'm on a secure network and I have very limited program access on the guest account, and downloading/changing of files is disabled for it. However, with fastswitching disabled, I cant have the screensaver force a fastuser logoff (keeps my programs running, but allows the guest to logon without interrupting my session) and can only have it force a normal logoff, which closes everything i have going. kinda a pain.
    2.)if i were to use the windows wireless zero configurator, it causes gaming problems. the wireless zero configurator, for some reason i've never been able to discern, causes a lag spike approximately every 2 minutes during gaming. my ping simply spikes to 2500 for about 15 seconds, and anyone who's ever played a multiplayer game knows how badly a 15 second spike can effect your gameplay. this is unacceptable.

    So, my challenge to you people more savvy than I is to find me a way to enable windows user fastswitching without having to use the windows wireless configurator. The stipulations are as follows:
    1.)no, i cannot be on a wired connection. the cablemodem and router are all the way across the house and im not moving my computer.
    2.)no, im not willing to buy new hardware. i'm a struggling doctoral student paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to a school for a sheet of paper. I cant afford new stuff.
    3.)I want to be able to switch users without completely logging off my main account. I have the ability to do this with a screensaver utility I have once the fastswitching problem is resolved.

    thats basically it. any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Linksys Wireless/Windows User Fastswitching Problem

    You get the lag spike because the MS wireless zero configuration service will scan the network for new WAPs every n number of seconds (the docs I read say it is every 60 seconds). I have looked for a workaround that will allow you to disable the network scan but I haven't found anything.

    One fix is to disable the service before gameplay. Once you are connected wirelessly to a WAP you can stop the Wireless Zero Configuration Service and you will still stay connected. In fact, as long as you don't lose connection you don't have to start the service again until you reboot. This might be a fairly easy workaround that would give you fast-user-switching and lag-free gameplay. It is fairly easy to create a shortcut that will disable or enable the WZCS. From the command prompt: SC.EXE STOP WZCSVC or SC.EXE START WZCSVC.
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      Re: Linksys Wireless/Windows User Fastswitching Problem

      firestarter, you're a genius. your solution worked. mad kudos!




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