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Wireless connection not adequate enough?

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  • Wireless connection not adequate enough?

    After my network cord got busted and a found an unused wireless network card for my PC, I've been playing BF2 and 2142 a bit with the new wireless PCI card that is connected to my router and I've been having that "There is a problem with your connection" message show up constantly.

    I've been thinking about buying a new network cord. Any suggestions to fix the wireless problem though?

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    Re: Wireless connection not adequate enough?

    Not much detail to go on but a few thoughts...

    1. What router is it? If it's an older router and you also have cordless phones there could be interference from them. This isn't a problem with newer routers but used to be a problem.

    2. What wireless channel are you using? It could be if there is someone else using wireless close by and they are using the same channel that they are interfering with your connection.


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      Re: Wireless connection not adequate enough?

      some things to do:
      1.)make sure your channel doesnt match that of any other WLANs in your area.
      2.)make sure your firmware is up to date.
      3.)if you're using linksys equipment, make sure that the windows wireless zero configurator service is disabled before you start gaming (this is accessible from the administrative tools in the control panel)
      4.)enable your router security and set up an encrypted network so that other people cant be "in your network, leeching your megabitz".
      5.)check your signal strength. if it drops below 30%, it can cause problems and you should look at buying a signal booster or simply finding a way to relocate the router/computer for stronger signal.
      6.)if all else fails, buy a new cat5 cable, you can get them premade from any computer store for 5-10 bucks or you can make your own 200 foot long cable with the supplies from home depot for the same price.


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        Re: Wireless connection not adequate enough?

        Check for microwave oven between the router and you wireless adapter.

        My laptop dropped what seemed to be randomly. I then found out it happened when sitting in the kitchen and somebody started the microwave.
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          Re: Wireless connection not adequate enough?

          I was not amused when Linksys cut the power output of their wireless base stations just before coming out with their "signal boosters".

          If you are halfway computer-aware, you can replace the Linksys router software with open-source Linux control software, and boost the signal back up to where you need it.

          Some newer Linksys routers are not linux compatible anymore so look for the "L" series, unless you already own an older Linksys router.

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            Re: Wireless connection not adequate enough?

            Go to Big Lots. They have 12' cat5e cables for $5.
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