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Router/firewall help please

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  • Router/firewall help please

    Hey guys,

    Since my new build I have been having trouble staying connected to BF2 and 2142. I get multiple connection issues per game and I will finally loose connection at least once a night. I don't know too much about setting up my router but here are the steps I have taken to try and resolve the issue.

    1)I have onboard NIC and my drivers for the mobo are up to date.
    2)My firmware to my router/firewall has the latest version to date.
    3)My bios are all up to date
    4)I have tried to open all of the ports that BF2 uses but I don't have enough
    slots to put all the TCP/UDP ports in. So I put all the UDP ports in and one
    TCP port in and made no difference.
    5) Punkbuster is up to date for BF2 and 2142

    My Specs
    AMD FX-55 San Diego 2.6gig OC'd to 2.75
    Abit AN8 x32 SLI mobo
    2gig Corsair TwinX DDR 400 mem
    2 7800GT EVGA GFX cards
    Thermaltake 600wt PSU
    Thermaltake Soprano case
    Linksys BEFSR41-V2 4 port router with firewall

    I never had this kind of problem with my old rig I very rarely got connecton issues. I don't know much about routers and setting them up so is there something I am missing? Thanks for any help

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    Re: Router/firewall help please

    If you think it's a router/firewall issue, give this web site a try. They have an configuration utility that'll do your port forwarding rules for you (select the game, and you're good to go).


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      Re: Router/firewall help please

      Tried taking the router out of the equation? Does that motherboard have one NIC or two and, if two, have you tried the other?
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