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Vista Upgrade, I'm an idiot...

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  • Vista Upgrade, I'm an idiot...

    I wasn't going to upgrade to Vista for another year or so, when I decided to build a new machine, and the bugs and support was better for the new OS...

    But I got an offer to buy the upgrade for Vista via the new MarketPlace for a hundred bucks and said "what the hey"... More for you guys so I could test and share what works and don't work when it comes to all my goodies and games like:

    Logitech G15 Keyboard
    Saitek HOTAS/AV8R-01
    Race Wheel

    SB Pro PE
    The classics (GR and OFP)

    Well anyway, once I upgrade and test, I'll report what I find... but the reason for this post is to share my stupidity so you guys don't do the same...

    I bought the Vista Home Premium 64bit upgrade, paid and downloaded the just under 4 gig file, (took 12 hours), went to install it, NO GO... thats when I realized I had the 64bit upgrade, DUH! So I went into the new MarketPlace program, and it was easy, even after downloading, to return the product, just had to click and submit a document that I removed it from my system, card credited within 5 mins.

    So the lesson:
    Make sure you buy and download the right version.

    and a comment:
    Kudos to Microsoft's new MarketPlace, fantastic and easy service, and the return feature worked flawlessly.

    More on what works and don't work in relation to gaming, especially my specialty of land and armor games soon.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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    Re: Vista Upgrade, I'm an idiot...

    Yea I discovered this when I tried out the 64bit beta version. There isn't a 32bit installer file on it so it's impossible to install from within the 32bit OS. (Which I believe the upgrade versions require you to do)




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