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upgrading an HP with a pci-e slot

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  • upgrading an HP with a pci-e slot

    I could get a HP Pavilion a1730n on a pretty good deal for about $600

    it has an AMD 4600+
    2gb ram
    320gb hd
    dvd burner

    Asus motherboard A8M2N-LA

    with an onboard gpu

    but also a PCI-E slot.

    link to asus

    Which power supply can i get to fit in this? Or should I strip all this and put in into my Antec p160

    if I want to run a 8800gtx

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    Re: upgrading an HP with a pci-e slot

    If the P160 can hold a micro-ATX board, I'd put it in there. You'll get better airflow, a new PSU will definitely fit, and more room to organize cables.

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      Re: upgrading an HP with a pci-e slot

      for HP you CANT upgrade the powersupply. They are built specifically for that machine and an after market wont fit, goes for most brand name PCs. Take parts out of the machine and putting them in another voids your warranty. I don't think the move will be as easy as you thing. Most of those motherboards are built for that case with those holes only, you can try though
      that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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        Re: upgrading an HP with a pci-e slot

        Like Trooper said HP/Dell/ect dont allow for different PSU's unless you mod the back of the case to allow them... Its usually not pretty, mine ended up looking like someone kicked the metal from the inside out and its sharp... It holds my New Antec550w PSU though, able to power a 6800 and then some...




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