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Visual Problems with my 9800 Pro

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  • Visual Problems with my 9800 Pro

    My 9800 Pro (128MB) has this problem that effects all of my games.

    Basically, I get graphical artifacts such as this.

    I assumed it was the heat, I moved the PC to a much cooler room on the lower level of my house, but it didn't solve much.

    I uninstalled the official ATI drivers and installed the latest Omega ones. Problem unresolved.

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    Re: Visual Problems with my 9800 Pro

    Possibly your card is just dieing? You might want to check the actually temperature of your card, if it were overheating, moving it into a cooler room wouldn't help (unless that cooler room was a refrigerated room of some sorts).


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      Re: Visual Problems with my 9800 Pro

      Have a quick look at the fan on the GPU, it could be seized. The stock ATI ones don't last very long.


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        Re: Visual Problems with my 9800 Pro

        Update: This glitch also affects the desktop after playing a game.

        Alright, I'll check.


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          Re: Visual Problems with my 9800 Pro

          Yep, looks like your 9800pro is overheating.

          I'd spend the extra $30 on a Zalman VFU aluminum and copper heatsink/fan (get at Newegg). It's well worth it, and it should solve your artifacts.

          On the point that it is not overheating...then it may well be that the caps on the cards board are dieing.
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