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    Well my Cambridge Soundworks Desktop Theater 5.1 Speakers are on their last legs. They have served me well for the past 5 years and I think my friends had them a couple of years before he upgraded and gave these to me so they have seen their share of action. So, I was wondering if anyone who uses their computers for everything (music/games/movies) has any recommendations for computer speakers. I'm willing to stretch on the price if its worth it but prefer the most bang for my buck.

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    Re: Computer Speakers/Card

    I have Logitech z5300e surround speakers, though recently due to space considerations they're stilling all bundled up on a shelf on my desk and not set up, and I'm using my Turtle Beach Ear Force surround headphones.

    Still, my logitechs are excellent speakers and have served me well. Excellent bass, good volume, no complaints. They work great for everything from movies to games to music when used in conjunction with my Audigy2 ZS Platinum card.

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      Re: Computer Speakers/Card

      I'm pretty sure that the Logitech speakers are made by Cambridge Soundworks, which makes some really nice speakers and some pretty cheap speakers. I think that if you stick with the Logitechs, you can pretty reliably get what you pay for them...
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        Re: Computer Speakers/Card

        I have the Logitech X-530 and for the price ($50), they are hard to beat. They don't get much use these days due to headset use,but i still like them very much.

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          Re: Computer Speakers/Card

          I'm short on space in my house so I have my Audigy 2zs feeding an analog signal into my modest home theater setup. That gives me the option of plugging headphones into the receiver or playing the audio over the well but I have an ideal setup for it. PC is on a desk next to the tv setup so all it takes is a 10 foot 1/4 inch jack audio cord.

          I had a logitech set up with two speakers and a subwoofer. It was nice but the space I gained from this set up more than made up for , and the sound is just as good.

          I heard Klipsch speakers were pretty good too...high end stuff...
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            Re: Computer Speakers/Card

            Thanks for the recommendations guys. My speakers are working again, I guess posting about getting new ones did something, The problem seems to be the amplifier. The volume control knob needs to be in a particular position for all the speakers to work. Even just touching it can knock out two speakers and the sub.




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