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Graphic problems sprang up....

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  • Graphic problems sprang up....

    Howdy fellow TG'ers.

    I've got a somewhat elusive computer problem that is driving me purely nuts.

    I have narrowed it down to either hardware or software problem in relation to my graphics adapter.

    Current System Specs:

    XP SP2
    ASUS p4p800 deluxe
    Pentium4 3.0ht
    2gb kensington ram
    60gb seagate EIDE
    onboard lan and audio
    XFX geforce 6800 128mb 256bit
    running the current 93.71 forceware from nvidia.

    Now, I have been playing BF2142 daily for almost two months now, and I haven't had a single problem up until recently. I haven't changed anything with my system settings or graphic settings at all. I am pretty content running BF2142 on low specs with faster framerates.

    I downloaded the NS booster and played in it for several days. Then this weekend, periodically I would notice screen fragments while I played. Then they seemed to get worse. Almost as if my AGP card was having problems rendering the visuals correctly. It has now become a every-game thing. I try any map, single-player, server etc... And I get this visual poo.

    I start to troubleshoot. Windows update has me updated. Spyware and Ad-ware is empty from results (i run a tight ship on my gaming rig. Just to make music and play games. All my web surfing is done via my macs)

    I check Direct X and I am running the latest version of 9. Nothing has been changed by me recently.

    Then I start to freak out and uninstall BF2142 and reinstall it. Nope, graphical poo still there.

    I then load HL2. And walla, it isn't game specific. It seems to be progressing even worse. And more noticeable with each load.

    The only thing, is In native windows, Its like there is nothing wrong. Only when I load a 3d type game.

    I defrag and run disk check, nothing, same problems.

    I unplug the comp, static guard myself like normal and pull the vid card, blow out the fan and heat sink. I take the time to do a once over of all connections on the board, and blow out the cpu, heat-sink and chip-set heat spreaders and fans. Plug it all back in and try the two games again and I end up with the same poo.

    I am completely at a loss here for what to try rather than a fresh install of XP. I haven't done it since I built this tower, (05???) so I am probably due. But I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this type of degree of poo, and if anyone might have any hypoths on what in the heck is going on?

    I am in the process of backing up my sound loops to ROM before I do the fresh install, since they are all organized. So I wont be doing a fresh install in the next few days.

    Any help here is greatly appreciated folks. I find this disturbing need to be able to log into the TG servers and catch some bullets.

    Here is a web address where I have two frapped vids of what I am talking about:

    I apologize for the size (40-60mb each) since I didn't take the time to compress them.

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    Re: Graphic problems sprang up....

    Well, I'm not exactly sure. Sounds like an overheating issue possibly on your card. I remember when I overclocked my 5600fx 256mb, and I started seeing graphical fragments in game on Bf2, and even wth my 6600 vanilla card I'd see the same thing, even though your not overclocking, still could be overheating.


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      Re: Graphic problems sprang up....

      I am leaning more towards an actual hardware problem now than software.

      I re-installed windows xp sp2. Completely updated it and installed. I had not went near updating my video drivers for my card yet. Just running off the default vga ones that xp uses.

      I go to nvidia's site, download forceware 93.71 and install, on reboot i get those fragmentation and visual poo effects that you can see in those ingame videos. This time they are appearing on the windows bootup. I guess they become more than my system can handle as my lcd flashes, then searches for analog or digital signal. Almost as if the video card has stopped supplying any image at all.

      I use safemode and get to the desktop and un-install the nvidia drivers.

      Reboot and walla it loads normally using the default vga drivers.

      I insert my install cd that came with my video card and use the device manager to install the driver located on the cdrom. I reboot and get the same thing as before. Visual poo and my computer locks up.

      Think my graphics card is fried?

      Another question, is the reason it might be doing this because when it can run in default xp vga, its not using any of the advance chipset features on the video card right? Is that why when I give windows any hint of the features of this card it freaks out?

      It seems the graphical problems have escalated with this card. Before the fragmentation and visual problems were fixable after a reboot and then I could get back into the game. The next step they pretty much started happening everytime I loaded the game and other games or any program that used features on the video chipset?

      I am now sitting at a state of just a internet box with a fully updated xp sp2 on it. Will this damage my system to run this card in this way until I obtain a new graphics card? (I will most likely leave this machine off until I get a new card)

      Are there any programs out there that migth be able to diagnose the chipset or other hardware components on the video card to confim any of my speculation?

      Thanks a bunch to anyone who can lend a hand.


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        Re: Graphic problems sprang up....

        I'm having the same problems pop up w/ my Geforce 7900GS. Lots of visual artifacts and weird graphical anomalies as well as random pixels disappearing. Occasionally the system will freeze up or crash.

        Is your GPU fan still working? Try monitoring GPU temperature to make sure it's not overheating. If that's not the problem then chances are your card is bad, and you'll have to buy a new one.

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          Re: Graphic problems sprang up....

          This is something that's come up quite often. Some folks see "out of place" pixels, red flicker or graphics anomalies. I have the red flicker. In every case it's been a conflict with Nvidia drivers. I've got two 6600GT's on SLI mode and in games like Fear and BF2 there is a red flicker. I contacted Nvidia about it and have recieved several responses claiming that they are working on fixing this, the 93.xx drivers were supposed to address the issue but I haven't loaded them yet. Here's what I tried.

          I tanked the Nvidia drivers and reinstalled them up to the 84.xx series drivers. Everything works but the frame rate is a little slow. I then updated to the 92.xx series drivers and everything was fine but as soon as I went from directX 9.0 to 9.0c so I could install and play Company of Heros I got the red flicker.

          Tank the drivers again, install the 84 series and dierctX 9.0c...... red flicker.

          Right now I'm running the 92 series drivers and directX 9.0c but I pulled my SLI bridge off the cards and the flicker went away. I had to turn my graphics down a bit to get back to 120fps so I can still enjoy the game. I don't think your card has overheated I think it's another version of the same driver/directX conflict that a bunch of us are having. Keep bothering Nvidia about it and maybe they'll come up with something.



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            Re: Graphic problems sprang up....

            That's why I don't bother constantly updating drivers. The old NVidia drivers for my 6800 GT worked great with all games, and once I updated to the newer ones, BF2 started crashing, I'd get wierd artifacts. It was horrible, so I uninstalled the drivers and went back to the old ones. Thus, I haven't upgraded my drivers for atleast a year and a half...on any of my components. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
            "Common sense is not so common." -Voltaire


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              Re: Graphic problems sprang up....

              Thanks for the replys gents!

              Thank god the gig I was sposed to play tonight got canx'd. Now I can stay home and work on some of these suggestions.

              Will try to keep this updated as I progress.


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                Re: Graphic problems sprang up....

                Wow. I am out of words. Thanks a bunch TG'ers!!!

                Okay, I downloaded drive cleaner pro, asus update and found the 84.xx version of forceware.

                First I installed Asus Update 7.xx

                Then I flashed my motherboard bios (was 1014 updated it to 1019). Rebooted and set motherboard settings to default (i will tweak them later, if i need to).

                Then I Installed Drive Cleaner Pro and rebooted in safe mode.

                I used drive cleaner to remove all Nvidia related driver files (and also cleaned the cab files - under tools. the readme suggested this also)

                I rebooted and installed Nvidia Forceware 84.xx.

                Rebooted and walla, no fragments, no visual poo to see or hold my head in anger... I wasn't really positive at this point. I went into teh adapter settings and maximized my screen res to my LCD's max. And nothing bad yet.

                So I figure I will go out on a limb and install BF2142 and cross my fingers. Installs, loads, singleplayer is fine. ITS FINE! I cannot believe it.

                So now I am re-downloading and installing the 1.20 patch and NS.

                What a nice little speedbump in my week. Thanks for all your help and I hope if someone else has something near this problem, they can use this as a roadmap maybe. I am actually glad I had to do this, as I have been meaning to wipe and clean install xp for a few months now.


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                  Re: Graphic problems sprang up....

                  i would like to thank everyone for their help, but the same problems arose, regardless of refresh, screen res, graphic settings, fans, cooling, direct x / nvidia driver etc...

                  i am sending my card back to xfx. they can deal with this. i have already ordered evga's agp card. at least if this doesnt work, ill be able to use the warranty.

                  it sure has been a learning experience.


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                    Re: Graphic problems sprang up....

                    sounds like over-heating honostly maybe your fan isn't working. well too late now.
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