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Lost patience with Vista

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  • Lost patience with Vista

    I am very disappointed in Vista and the lack of support for anything. I have been running for Vista x64 Ultimate for the last month hoping that each day it would get better. The platform was supposed to be gamer friendly yet it lacks basic support for hardware. I was unable to get my mouse drivers, audio, or SLI to work. That is a failure with the industry not supporting Microsoft, but between the two the software does not work as I thought it would. I care less whose fault it was but the OS was not ready for release.

    I was sold on the sexy interface and smooth way that you could ALT/TAB out of games. But now that has worn off and I see little that Vista offers that works as of now. I lost over half my FPS in games and unable to use other features due to limited support.

    I love allot of the new features but I cannot justify any serious advantage over XP at this time. Maybe in the near future, the companies will get it fixed and I can take advantage of my machine.

    On a positive note, I am sold on the new Office 2007. That program delivers. The price is a bit high, but it is a totally new interface that has tons of extras and make easy work of any type of project you have. Plus it worked for me on both XP and Vista.
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    Re: Lost patience with Vista

    Originally posted by TheBigC View Post
    I lost over half my FPS in games and unable to use other features due to limited support.
    You are far from the first one to mention this... this reason and the lack of driver supports is keeping me away. I have (well had installed) the beta and loved the interface but until they stop making us spend loads money while they don't fix the loads of incompatibilities, I refuse to switch over.



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      Re: Lost patience with Vista

      I'm not having any issues that are of great concern, of course, I'm running the 32-bit version. Just think about what you are doing, 64-bit drivers are a bit rare, Vista drivers are a bit buggy; now combine the two and you have a disaster just waiting to happen. ;)
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        Re: Lost patience with Vista

        Do not use the x64 version. Wait until all the hardware in your system is newer then Jan 2007, to ensure everything has a driver.

        And right now, theres absolutely no reason to be using x64 unless you need more than 4GB of RAM. It dosn't give any performance gains whatsoever.

        The 32bit version is a completely different experience, and has worked amazingly well for me. Game performance is still down a bit due to nVidia's crappy drivers (not sure what they've been doing the past 2 years Vista has been feature complete), though not as much as the x64 version.


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          Re: Lost patience with Vista

          This just shows an M$ truism: no M$ OS is ever ready to be bought until it's been on the market long enough for at least 1 SP to be released for it.

          I won't be buying vista until Vista SP1 comes out.

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            Re: Lost patience with Vista

            Vista: "TG member is coming to a sad realization; Cancel or Allow?"

            TG Member: "Allowww.........."


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              Re: Lost patience with Vista

              i just disable all account control. that stuff drives me insane.
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                Re: Lost patience with Vista

                Well you could switch back over to XP for now and give it a few months for Vista to have it's various drivers worked out and such.
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                  Re: Lost patience with Vista

                  I believe it will be closer to 6 months to a year.

                  At this stage I would stay far away from Vista in combination with a multipurpose rig.
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