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Vista's actual requirements?

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  • Vista's actual requirements?

    I'm doing some research for an upgrade project at work, and one of the things that I need to find are what the true requirements for Vista are. Now, this is not gaming rig req's, simply what we need to have the standard bells and whistles running a networked computer lab environment for your general end-user (word, excel, teh interweb).

    While slugging through various articles, I thought I'd hit you guys up for info. I know that the requirements on the Microsoft website are pretty much a blatant lie, unless you want a machine that basically sits there and does nothing. So, what have you guys found to be necessary for the OS? I'm talking in the following terms:

    CPU speed/type
    Video Card
    Hardware-specific issues/compatibility

    This would likely be for the business/premium package, though numbers on the home edition wouldn't be bad.
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    Re: Vista's actual requirements?

    i would say... ballpark... an ideal basic system would be:

    1.6 ghz 64 bit... or 2.4 32 bit
    1 gig ram (might be pushing it.. but that is bare minimum if i build a comp even for the sole porpuse of playing solitare...)
    128 mb video card ( ati9800 / gforce 6 series)
    powered by Windows 7

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      Re: Vista's actual requirements?

      p4-m 1.5 / p4 2.0 /cel 2.56 / athlon 2100+ / sempron 2400+ / any Athlon 64 core series

      1 gig ddr

      64meg radeon 9500 / GF 5200 (1280x800 / 1024x768) 128meg 9600 / 5500 (1680x1050 / 1600x1200) (I have a 128 meg 9600 pro that runs at 1920x1200 just fine, but Vista complains about it, though it runs smoothly)
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        Re: Vista's actual requirements?

        It also requires a significant amount of dedication to Microsoft and their vaporware (read: complete consumer gullibility).
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          Re: Vista's actual requirements?

          After upgrading to 2GB of RAM, I wouldn't recommend any less if you plan on using it as a gaming system.




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