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  • Excellent Weather Program

    Find weather interesting?

    I suggest free weatherscope

    It is a little weather station on you computer. Can see almost live radar data, wind speed, rain fall totals, temptress and on and on. All imposed on a map that includes highways, major urban areas and some other map type stuff.

    You can also leave it running and record the stuff for play back.

    A great program that is free with no adware and I don't think any spyware.
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    Re: Excellent Weather Program

    Cool find! Very cool find...
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      Re: Excellent Weather Program

      Here is another good weather site.
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        Re: Excellent Weather Program

        Good stuff. Haven't d/led the OP link yet but it sounds interesting.

        kin3 that huge US radar map is killer. NOAA rocks.

        I personally use It might not look like much at first glance, but it's a very densely packed site with access to a lot of information, a lot of which goes way over my head. :) It has a TON of tweakable features and access to "raw data" as it were. I really like seeing the storm track feature when those spring storms roll through central Texas.




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