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    Has anyone seen this?

    It is an application that shows you who is talking on TS while in a game. It should work for all games that use DirectX or OpenGL.

    I'm running Dual Monitor so don't have much use for it, but thought someone might find it useful.

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    Re: TeamSpeak Overlay

    Originally posted by eternal
    They actually don't have alot of nice things to say about thier own program.
    Those are always the best programs... I've always had better luck with devs that are critical of their own work, rather than having the "everything's perfect and on time" crowd lie to everyone.
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      Re: TeamSpeak Overlay

      I was going to post about this a while ago but I tried it out and it wasn't worth using on a regular basis. It is in alpha and still has some problems. Mainly, it's alt-tabbing out of games and sometimes exiting apps that will cause crashes or graphical anomalies.

      With GR, it worked nicely except for alt-tabbing. I tried it with Savage (OpenGL) and it didn't work at all. In fact, I spent 10 minutes trying to shut it down because it messed up the menu screens. Joint Ops was smooth running until exiting the app. It wouldn't go back to desktop. Maybe the retail version will be better since it had the problem at the exiting splash screen.

      Overall, it's worth using if you have trouble recognizing voices on TS. However, the program is in alpha stage and isn't ready for constant use. There will probably be lots of problems with games but nothing that prevents its use. It does the job but still needs some features like customizing text colour.

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