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    Hi Guys,
    I'm looking for a case that has front usb AND firewire. Seems the descriptions state front usb but don't mention firewire. Also, wanted a p4 mobo that has the usb and firewire connections for front case ports.

    Hmm did that make any sense at all? :?

    thats for any input you have.

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    I know that my aluminum Chenming has USB and firewire at the front. I wish it had audio ports at the front too but you can't get everything... :)

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      Re: Pc Parts

      Originally posted by +Mot73+
      I'm looking for a case that has front usb AND firewire.
      [photos are links]
      It looks kinda cheap, and it's really not the highest quality, but it is a pretty sturdy aluminum case that is functionally VERY nice. I recommend this case to anyone that wants a nice aluminum case without paying several hundred dollars for one...

      LCD/Light Module: Always-on (even system off) power from VSB output. LCD Displays time, temperature, and HDD/System-on/off status.

      Multi-Color Light: Auto mode - automatically change colors every 2 seconds; Manual mode manually choose and lock the colors.

      Temperature Sensor: 23 long wire sensor, placed anywhere in the enclosure.

      Chassis: All-Folded Edges to strengthen the structure and keep from cutting fingers.

      Bezel: Integrate Aluminum Stripe/film, Plexiglas, painted/plated plastic, and LCD/Light Module with style.

      Packing: Polyethylene (PE) foams, better protection from damage in shipping.
      Never bought anything from these guys, but this case is available for $72 with one of those silly case windows...
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        LOL I found that exact case..but passed for this one at $30 since it wasn't my money and I could then buy plain jane beige drives :P


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          :D :D :D
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            FWIW and probably too late. The Antec Case I just got has USB and firewire in the front (not audio though).

            Antec POWERPLUS 1080AMG w 430w PS 114 at newegg



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              yea..your to late :D
              Thanks tho ;)




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