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    hey people,

    Im currently trying to decide if i should get a 19" widescreen monitor with or without DVI?Does the difference it creates justify the price?And also, any recomendations on a good monitor?

    here is what i am considering getting?

    or this:

    Thanks all!
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    Re: LCD monitor

    There must be a dozen threads from people looking for new monitor recommendations. I run a samsung 930B 19 inch monitor with 8 ms response time to my DVI input. In said threads there seems to be a consensus on the Samsung name.

    BF 2 isnt so hot for widescreen can do it but it takes some maniuplation with the settings (in the registry??) a search on that will help you in the long run..cheers and good luck
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      Re: LCD monitor

      For widescreen in BF2 you just alter the shortcut target, not the registry. DVI produces a crisper image if your video card outputs in DVI.


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        Re: LCD monitor

        difference between dvi and no dvi is noticeable to the naked eye. the image with dvi is more clearly defined. this is especially noticeable with text apps.

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          Re: LCD monitor

          Originally posted by sc1ence View Post
          difference between dvi and no dvi is noticeable to the naked eye. the image with dvi is more clearly defined. this is especially noticeable with text apps.
          Not to mention the fact that newer video cards such as he 8800GTX don't even support non-DVI outputs anymore.
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            Re: LCD monitor

            DVI to VGA adapters, if you must shame yourself, are available and cheap.
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              Re: LCD monitor

              The screen is the most important part of your computer, the screen is what will affect your experience the most.

              1. Get as large as you can afford (make sure response time is low, if you play FPS games it should be around 10ms)

              2. DVI is worth it the picture gets sharper.

              3. Samsung makes good LCDs (Dell uses samsung LCDs in some of their screens)

              4. Widescreen is starting to be the norm today and most if not all new games support it even BF2. (BF2 needs a bat file shortcut with the attributes to use widescreen)

              5. Make sure you have a graphics card that can run the native resolution with eye candy on in your games as you do not want to run non native resolutions in games.

              I got a 24 inch widescreen from Dell around 2 years back and its so worth it. I payed 900$ at that time but boy do things look great. I run it with a ATI1900XTX and native 1920/1200. I can not use all eyecandy but things looks really nice due to the high resolution. Never graphics cards can easily handle 1920/1200, so if you plan on getting a new graphics card fairly soon to support DX10 then dont worry if the native resolutions is high.
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                Re: LCD monitor

                Depends on what you use it for. With a DVI input, text will look sharper than on a VGA sub. Which is why businesses prefer to have their monitors sport a DVI. Other than that, some say DVI might improve image quality over VGA. I for one can't tell any difference.

                Oh and like other posters above, VGA is being phased out on all the newer cards. Beyond the 7xxx series (nV) or the x1xxx series (ATI), I doubt the newer series will even feature a VGA port on card anymore.
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                  Re: LCD monitor

                  You can get analog looking pretty crisp on an LCD, but you really need to make sure you have a quality cable going from the PC to the monitor. And the signal has to be clean. If there is excess electrical noise from the PC components, it will hurt your image quality.

                  You're best going with DVI so you don't have to worry about all of that.
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