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SiftHeads (me) has lag and needs help

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  • SiftHeads (me) has lag and needs help

    Hey Im a player in css and i lag. I only lag at certain maps. I dont lag at gg maps. I lag at maps like dust and office. When im a outside like where ct's spawn in assault i lag but when im a t at assault and inside i dont. Some tactical gamer memebers told me to post all my cpu information and said somone would get back to me witha solution. I am looking forward to your replies so i can use my full potential in your css server. Thank you. If you wish to email me directly Email me at [email protected] Below i will post my rates and my computer settings.
    Under Display Tab In DirectX diagnostic tool

    name: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset FAmily
    Manufacturer: Intel Corp.
    Chiptype: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset family
    Dac Type: Internal
    Approx. TOtal memory 224.0 MB
    current display mode: 1152x864 (32 bit) (75hz)
    Monitor: plug and play monitor

    Main driver: ialmrnt5.dll
    date: 7/20/2005 01:26:24
    WHQL Logo'd: YEs
    Mini VDD: ialmnt5.sys
    VDD: n/a <------- what it actually says
    DDI Version: (9 or higher)

    I dont think u need my sound or music configs If you need any more information please email me back at [email protected] and tell me how to find it. I need good description thank you for your help.

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    Re: SiftHeads (me) has lag and needs help

    From what I can tell your computer is perhaps just not powerful enough. With certain maps mainly all stock maps that incorperate HDR and the like your setup cant handle it well. I am assuming that your Graphics card is intergraded which explains alot.

    Seeing that you also have 224.0 total memory thats not good either. Bottom line is that you may just need to get a more powerful system. I remember you said you had a Dell and those are a pain to upgrade and seeing your model is old you wouldnt want to anyway.

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      Re: SiftHeads (me) has lag and needs help

      UH OH mommy and daddy dont just put out money for games. Were not exactly "rich" either. Is there any way i can put in some stuff in my console and *'POOF'* i no longer lag. Please help!

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