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building new pc ... lookin for input

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  • building new pc ... lookin for input

    i am lookin to build a new pc ... budget around $1500

    kb isn't necessary but it loox cool so if anyone has can you give me your input on how it is

    also want 4gb of ram and to go intel and nvidia if possible since they are the best right now but if you can find better performance via amd and ati for the price range roughly 150 for mobo and 350 for both cpu and vid card post it if you would


    here are some of the things i'm lookin at:



    LCD Monitor:



    Vid Card:

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    Re: building new pc ... lookin for input

    lso i am lookin for a case that is liquid cooled so i don't have to install the liquid cooling and all that

    i am leanin toward liquid coolin becuz the room i play my games in gets very hot

    secondly, are they any major issues using a widescreen monitor in game other than if the game doesn't support widescreen things will look a little stretched?

    Also if the case has a psu with it that would be a bonus but not a requirement


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      Re: building new pc ... lookin for input

      I'm 99% sure you can't get a case with liquid cooling, since it's something that needs to be attached directly to the cooled components. Lian Li cases are always recommended, though.
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        Re: building new pc ... lookin for input

        More and more games are supporting widescreen or have some way of forcing widescreen resolutions. Some games don't increase the FOV though. BF2 and BF2142 don't increase FOV. Forcing widescreen in BF just clips the top and bottom a bit and fills the entire monitor with the clipped view. Also, Vista implements Games For Windows branding and one of the requirements is widescreen support.

        Change the budget for the video card and CPU. $350 is not enough since each part alone would be close to $350.

        4GB of RAM may be too much to fit into your budget and it's not completely necessary since you have to cut performance on other parts. Go for 2GB and upgrade later as necessary.

        Liquid cooling is going to put you way over budget. I hope you noticed that the case + watercooling package is $400. Compare that to a case with aftermarket CPU heatsink could be around $100-150.

        If you want to cut prices more, check out some cheaper mobos. Judging by the video card you picked, you're probably thinking SLI as an upgrade option later on. It's not going to be cost effective overall. Look at the Asus P5B non-deluxe for a cheaper model that doesn't have SLI. It's better to get a great video card now instead of a good one and upgrading to SLI later. You can always sell these parts when you want to upgrade later.

        Mobo picking can be difficult. Make a list of what features you want and check for mobos that have those features. A mobo isn't better just because it's more expensive. Sometimes it's more expensive just because it has more features. Some of those features may be completely useless to you (ie. built-in WiFi access point or 3 PCI-E x16 slots).

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          Re: building new pc ... lookin for input

          I did a $1500 computer (well, $1300 sans the baubles)

          CPU: I went with the 6600 but the extra cache isn't really a big deal. Buy it if you like it, but 6400 overclocked will give you plenty of performance.

          MOBO: I went with the EVGA i680. I have only had one problem with it; sometimes it beeps as though it were a keyboard input overflow and the system will miss a key-up event. I think it's an issue with overheating on the northbridge. Not a huge problem, it's never gotten me fragged, but annoying. Be sure you cool adequately. I need to...
          BTW, I was planning ASUS but heard a number of horror stories while researching.

          RAM: I bought Mishkin which had a nice rebate offer at the time. Research what memory chips the sticks are using. A number of "good" companies (like Corsair) are using the cheap crud now, and a number of "no-name" and upstarts invest in the good chips to get excellent reviews of their first runs in tech magazines and review sites. Know which chips are on the stick, that's more important than the brand name.

          LCD Monitor: You mis-spelled "CRT."

          Case: No te importa.

          Keyboard: If it doesn't say IBM Model M, it belongs in a grinder.

          Video: I have the EVGA 8800GT/320. The second one you link to has a minor overclock; I really don't think that matters at all, plus I noticed the Specifications page says that requires XP. That's a major face-plant. Just get the normal one and clock it up for free. Also, if you can spare the dough, get the 640 version with a real live monitor so you can play at a high resolution. While I don't regret getting the 320 since I didn't want to go over 1500 (I came in at 1498 shipped sans rebates), I do suffer at highest resolutions without sacrificing memory drainers like DX90+ effects, high amounts of AA, etc.

          PSU: I selected the Antec Neo HE500. I think NEgg carries the 550 now. Or I got a 550. Whatever. I've had no troubles running my rig with the 8800 and 6600 reasonably overclocked.




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