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    Download AMD64 TCaseMax v1.19

    ************************************************** **********
    AMD64 TCaseMax is beeing discontinued, due to the fact that new AMD chips
    (Rev F) don't have TCaseMax in them anymore. Unless I find another way to
    add support for Rev F chips. AMD64 TCaseMax will probably not be
    updated anymore.
    Thanks everyone for using my program, I hope you found it useful.
    ************************************************** **********

    This is a new type of program, which checks AMD64 CPUs for their maximum rated case temp or TCaseMax and reports the TDP which corresponds to the processor in question.
    On most AMD processors TCaseMax and TDP values are constant, and depend on CPU type and model, but on the E Revision chips, both this values and the default voltage are variable.
    These are the chips that have variable values:
    Athlon64 (Venice, San Diego)
    Athlon64 FX (San Diego)
    Athlon64 X2 (Manchester, Toledo)
    All Rev E Opterons and Dual Core Opterons
    What this all means is this: On 90nm manufacturing process, the power leakage of transistors on individual processors differs greatly, this is why AMD implemented TCaseMax. Each CPU has a different TDP rating, here's how it works:
    A program reads the TCaseMax value off the CPU, then depending on the processor (CPU type like A64, Opteron;CPU Rating like 3500+, 146) it finds the processor's Thermal Profile (If you download the "AMD Opteron™ Processor Power and Thermal Data Sheet" and look at pages 10-11 you'll see the different thermal profiles). When the thermal profile is determined, the program finds the TDP rating that corresponds to the CPU's TCaseMax value.
    So in a few words, the higher the TCaseMax, the higher the TDP of a processor will be (the transistor leakage is higher), so the processor will run hotter. Several people have reported that the Opterons rated at 71C TCaseMax were pretty hot. On the other side these processors will be able to reach higher clock speeds.
    That is why we see that on average processors with higher TCaseMax can usually reach higher CPU speeds when overclocked.
    Every CPU type (A64, FX, X2, Opteron, DC Opteron) has a different thermal profile, that is why you see that on an FX a TCaseMax rating can be "only" 57C and it'll overclock way better than an A64 with a 57C TCaseMax rating. That is because at 57C TCaseMax, an FX has a TDP of 77W while the A64 has a TDP of 44W.

    Right now we're working on getting a php page up where the user will be able to upload his CPU stats to the server and be able to see what other people could manage with the same chips, or look at other CPUs with different ratings and see what they're capable of.

    We believe this will be a great way to be able to roughly predict the overclockability of a CPU even before overclocking.
    We hope you find this software useful.
    *Note: The "Create stats file" button doesn't work yet.

    What's new:

    Version 1.19
    Fixed a bug with program's GUI.
    Fixed a potential problem with Opterons from big OEMs TDP/TCM not reported.

    Version 1.18
    Fixed a bug with reporting TDP on newer X2 4200+ CPUs.
    Fixed a bug where CnQ was not supported and VCore field is empty, the field wouldn't be grayed out.

    Version 1.17
    Fixed a bug with incorrectly showing Dual Core FX PR number.
    49C TCM chips will now be reported again, no "This CPU does not support TCaseMax feature." messages anymore.

    Version 1.16
    Fixed a bug with newer HE DC Opterons not showing the proper TDP.
    Fixed a bug with the naming of HE and EE Opterons.

    Version 1.15
    49C TCaseMax is not used anymore, this means that for any CPU which returns 49C TCM (like the new Dual Core Opterons), the program will report "This CPU does not support TCaseMax feature."
    Extended the 'D' Thermal Profile, as some chips using this profile have reported higher TCMs than the highest TCM specified in the profile.

    Version 1.14
    Serios bug fixed. Program would not show information about any processor that was an E revision CPU.

    Version 1.13
    Athlon 64 FX thermal profile fixed.

    Version 1.12
    Renamed to "AMD64 TCaseMax".
    Added support for FX-60 and Dual Core CPUs with 1 core disabled.
    Several bugs fixed.

    Version 1.11
    Several bugs fixed.

    Version 1.10
    Added TDP - Will now report the TDP (Thermal Design Power, or in other words the maximum power the CPU draws at stock speed/voltage)

    Version 1.04
    First version with all new AMD CPUs supported.

    If you can do some web programming please take a look at this thread!

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    Core Temp - Accurate temperature monitor for Intel's Core/Core 2 and AMD64 processors

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