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  • New computer hd setup

    I'm setting up a new pc and was wondering how i should set up the hd partitions?

    I have (2) 320gb hard drives sata 3gb/s and (2) 80gb hard drives older sata (not sure speed). I'm not too sure I'm going to use the older 2 drives, don't see much use for them right now but I am not sure what partitioning I should use?

    If anyone can let me know if there is any real advantages/disadvantages to using the different raid setups on Windows XP Pro I'd appreciate it.


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    Re: New computer hd setup

    There are at least a million very valid answers to your question. A lot depends on what you are going to do. If it were me, I would not subdivide the physical drives. I would put the OS on one of the 80s and put the paging file on the other. Then use the 320 for all data.

    Good luck!

    Edit 250 for 320...oops. I need to learn to read the question.

    If you have HW raid capability you can certainly use it again how depends on what you intend to do and why you want to raid: performance or reliability. I'm not keen on SW raid implementation.
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      Re: New computer hd setup

      i'm just going for gaming performance and for reliability for the os - want to make sure the important stuff like check book, pics etc don't get lost if hd dies but to have best performance option for gaming


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        Re: New computer hd setup

        For best performance, you want your page on the first partition and your game data on a different disk. How I would probably partition it:

        1.1: 4GB Swap
        1.2: 20GB Windows (Only so large because I drop a lot of junk on my desktop.)
        1.3: MostGB Application data, Media.
        1.4: 4GB Excess (I do this in case I want to avoid a directory path.)

        2.1: Most/AllGB Game data.

        If you use imaging tools, and you do because you're a wise member of the 21st century and you take pride in being protected from digital catastrope, you'll know the power of ordering your partitions so each can hold the image of another partition/drive-image like a matryoshka doll.


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          Re: New computer hd setup

          You could set the 80s up in a RAID 0 for your OS and Game install file, and use the other disks for file storage/backups. With RAID 0, you really wanna back stuff up. I don't, but I don't have anything important I'm worried about losing on there. With the RAID 0 setup, you'll get a quick load times for files and transfer of files/etc.

          As you can tell, there's a bunch of answers to this and all sorts of options to take.




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