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F&$!$%G viruses

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  • F&$!$%G viruses

    after a nasty popup/virus installer which AVG detected but didnt stop ive had some big problems getting Windows back to normal.....

    one problem seems to be logon.exe

    zone alarm (which was disabled at time of infection) detects logon.exe trying to connect to eclipses DNS servers, if i stop that it just keeps trying every 1second (the counter moves like a range counter on a space craft traveling at 10000s of mph) anyway... if i let it connect, i then get a second warning, that logon whats to act as a server on IP : port


    and since im going on holiday tomorrow, im rather pissed off, as i was going to leave it on 24/7 for seti...but now i dont trust it, since its unstable right now.

    trends house call detected:


    and AVG detected
    TROJ.Small.HU in Desktop.exe (windows\system32)
    TROJ.Muss.a in Mstask1.exe (windows\system32)
    TROJ.Small.HU in Mstask3.exe (windows\system32)
    TROJ.Small.MZ in Mstask4.exe (windows\system32)

    adaware and spybot also found loads of malware things, and other spywear things that wasnt there before...

    also involved was a secure.html file that kept becoming default IE home page, telling me how to remove this (COUGH install more S***) a popup/active desktop picture that coverd my whole desktop.

    Other files that showed up are system.exe, patch.exe, appsys.exe, mcc.exe (or was it mmc.exe?) all at the same time of infection.. also deleted. it also installed 2 "host" files

    anyway, is the logon thing "normal", ive never recalled it doing that before.

    why would AVG warn me that theres a virus, but not stop it? What would?

    do you think a "quick" repair install of XP will work, and allow me to go on holiday with this on 24/7?

    ARRG i hate the internet
    From Adam Webb

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    Re: F&$!$%G viruses

    off to greece for a week.....format when i get home

    From Adam Webb


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      Re: F&$!$%G viruses

      Um... have fun in Greece!

      It's too bad about the PC problem before you leave but I'm sure it won't stop you from having a good time.

      - It's who you game with.


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        Re: F&$!$%G viruses

        You know you can set ZA to deny the program for the good if you don't want it to keep trying to access the internet




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