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  • Upgrade Paths - Need Help

    Hey Folks, I'm looking for some input on some upgrade paths i'm considering. This is my current system.

    AMD Opteron 165 CCB1E 0609FPBW (1.8ghz)
    eVGA 256-P2-N553-AX Geforce 7600GT 256MB
    G.SKILL Extreme Series 2GB DDR 500
    SAMSUNG 940b Silver 19" 8ms LCD Monitor (Native Res 1280 X 1024)
    Hyper Type-R 580 Watt Power Supply

    Notice the 939 CPU, Mobo, and DDR ram. I'm not willing to buy a entire new system at this point.

    These are the upgrade paths i am considering. I would like to get another two years out of this system if possible.

    First and most expensive.
    Opteron 185 2.6 ghz Processor and the fastest 939 chip i can find
    8800 GTS 320 meg version because of my limited resolution
    This would be the best performance i can get. The video card and CPU should match each other in terms of power. perhaps with the CPU leading a bit.

    Get either one of the above two items.
    This is cheaper, but i know that if i get one, the other will be the bottleneck. But if i get one of them it will most likely be the CPU as they will become harder and harder to find as time passes.

    Buy the video card and Overclock my current CPU.
    This is the compromise, i know my chip can go to at least 2.2 ghz because i have tested it. The drawbacks of this include the raised risk of failure due to the Overclock. If something fries, i will might need a whole new PC. and the possibility that video card will still outpace the CPU

    Other options include exchanging the Opteron 185 with the Opteron 180. The clockspeed is lower by 200mhz but the price drops 65 bucks. Or simply OCing my current hardware. This is free, but if something breaks parts could be hard to find.

    If you notice any flaws in my logic please tell me. i will be doing research on this as well, but just wanted some opinions. one big concern is the risk of getting stuck with a slow 939 and not being able to find a replacement.
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    Re: Upgrade Paths - Need Help

    my advice to you, just save up and wait........none of these upgrades will show a great improvement, the 8800GTS will be bottlenecked plus its an older piece of hardware, new things will come.


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      Re: Upgrade Paths - Need Help

      I presume your current 7600GT is on the PCI-E x16 bus?

      If that is the case, I would recommend upgrading your video card and possibly overclocking your CPU. Provided, of course, you have a good cooling heatsink+fan for your CPU and that you take it slowly.

      Your current PSU should more than handle the power requirements of the 8800GTS.
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        Re: Upgrade Paths - Need Help

        My CPU heatsink is the Arctic Cooling 64. for some reason my stock cooler did not run very well.
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          Re: Upgrade Paths - Need Help

          if you can get the 8800gtx and the opteron

          you should be able to oc both very well if your mobo supports it and perhaps only need to buy some aftermarket cooling for your vid card later since you seem to have excellent aftermarket cpu cooling




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