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  • That's no moon...

    "Intimidating" is all I'd use to describe this. Maybe also "enormous", "enlightening" and "epic".

    The biggest screen I ever owned was 19" LCD, and I had no idea what to expect when I opened this thing. Opening the box was like looking into the Arc of the Covenant. The colors are so sharp and bright that I can literally light my room up with this sucker. It utterly dominates my desk and I gaze up to it in awe. Can be seen clearly from *all* angles. It is enlightenment made manifest. "Height Adjustment" doesn't say that at the lowest height, it's still a good 4-5" above your desktop, which seems pretty high to me (but I'm used to a laptop screen). Doesn't tilt forward enough to compensate, but amazing viewability angles don't cause problems. This thing is so massive I'm scared that if I ever caught its ire, it'd fall forward, crush my hands and lay waste to all that stands before it.

    I feel like the apes in Space Odyssey when the monolith landed.

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    Re: That's no moon...

    This is my monster...

    Original Posting.

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      Re: That's no moon...

      Deleted - Redundant Brain.

      Hogan, is a HDTV by Westinghouse? If so, how pixelated does HL2 look on it (fullscreen)?
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