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Microphone and headphone problems

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  • Microphone and headphone problems

    Well I just got a new set of headphones and a microphone to go with it. I got the 5.1 Zalman ones and they make an annoying background sound whenever there isn't any other sound. Is it a problem with the headphones or my onboard sound?

    Second, my microphone is going crazy. It's the Zalman one that goes with the 5.1 headphones and it creates a ton of static It sounds like crap in Windows, but at least you can understand what is being said. In BF2, simply turning the microphone on produces a nasty sound that refuses to go away. Any suggestions?

    After another hour of playing around with it, I finally got it to work. Please delete or lock.
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    Re: Microphone and headphone problems

    Could you explain what you did to fix it for folks who might come here with the same problem?
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