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Upgraded drivers...Installed hardware?

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  • Upgraded drivers...Installed hardware?

    So I have an NVidia GeForce 7600 GS and Steam told me that I needed new drivers. So I downloaded the new ones from NVidia and tried an install. That eventually locked up, so I decided to unistall my previous drivers, then try again. This worked, but upon restart (and every subsequent power on) my computer started telling me I had installed new hardware, liested as:

    1) PCI Memory Controller,
    2) SM Bus Controller, and
    3) Other PCI Bridge Device

    Now checking through Device Manager, I find that all are listed to PCI bus 0 (my video card is on bus 1). And I have not installed any piece of hardware since I had to replace my Power Supply in April or May.

    Anyone got any idea?
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    Re: Upgraded drivers...Installed hardware?

    Try removing your card, if you have onboard just restart using that, if not, reinstall old card temporarily. Make sure you check add/remove programs to see if there may be anything that deals with the new card such as drivers that can be unistalled there. If so do it then maybe go back and try to reinstall the new card and then get latest SAFE drivers for the card.

    OR just do what I always do when I install a new piece of hardware....I format and then reinstall my O/S. That way I know the hardware I am installing has the cleanest install I can have, nothing else conflicting with it.
    That is one of the few reason why I always run dual hard drives, so one holds all my important stuff I do not want to lose. You could also partition a hard drive to save this info if it is large enough.

    I have had an ATI card for a while now and I had major issues with this card and previous cards I had to get RMA'ed. ATI tech support also said this is always the best, reinstalling O/S after a format. I know you have Nvidia, but it might not hurt you if no one else can help you out and down to you last end with no ideas.


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      Re: Upgraded drivers...Installed hardware?

      I get the same message when I remove the forceware for my mobo. Are you running a Nvidia chipset? Did you just uninstall the video drivers and not the others?




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