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New TV, looking for some help

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  • New TV, looking for some help

    So I got this TV:

    Now I have digital cable, but not HD Digital (not worth the money for only having like 8 channels), and this TV is made for HD signals. So, running coax from the cable box to the TV gives me a not that great picture. It's not so bad when you're about 10-12 feet away, but it definitely could be improved.

    Basically, I'm looking for a cable/converter/device that will allow me to take the RF/coax from the cable box and turn it into component video to plug into the TV, hoping that that will clear the picture some. I found some device called an RF converter, but that seems to do the opposite, taking in component and outputting RF.


    1) Is there a device (outside of a digital HD box/connection) that will take in RF and output component?
    2) Is this even a feasible move, as in, will my picture clear up noticeably should #1 prove achievable?

    Basically if I don't clear up the picture, I might as well take the TV back and get a flat tube or CRT TV. My old giant 20 year-old TV with a wooden casing gave me a better picture than what I have now.
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    Re: New TV, looking for some help

    HDTV's look like crap while running in SD mode. It's to do with the TV's resolution, basically stretching the 480 picture to fit.

    ie; Take a small resolution video on the computer, and make it full screen. I think
    they have something called a scan converter or something? I don't quite remember, maybe someone else knows what exactly will clear the picture up, if fully possible.

    I know my first HD CRT tv looked terrible in HD, and my second HD CRT tv looks quite a bit better, but still not as clear as a regular SD signal would look on a SDtv.


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      Re: New TV, looking for some help

      So far I found this:

      Very pricey, costs almost as much as your TV. Would be cheaper to upgrade your cable than buy this box. It is the only soulution I have been able to find so far, I will keep digging.

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        Re: New TV, looking for some help

        couldnt you just use something like this

        rf modulator
        that sounds like a good idea trooper.




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