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PS2 to PC connection via Composite video

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  • PS2 to PC connection via Composite video

    Howdy -- I've been wanting to get round to hooking up my PC and PS2 for ages, and finally got going with it today. However, I've run into a couple of issues, most notably that I can get sound working just dandily, but thus far no video. Part of the problem is I have no idea what make my TV tuner is.

    The PC is a HP Pavilion media center jobby, and has a handy panel on the front for video input (s-video and composite are supported). Poking around with google I've found a couple of guides that suggest using DScaler or MediaPortal (both freeware media programs), but I'm really not having much luck.

    Any ideas? Even a suggestion of where to find out information about my TV tuner in Device Manager would be helpful. For what it's worth, I'm on Vista.

    further thought:

    Does the TV card matter at all? Shouldn't it just be able to think "Aha! Something is in my composite video input" and do something -- should I just need some software that can do something with those signals? I know nothing about these things ...
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