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  • Processes

    Hello all, just trying to get some advice on my processes which I know nothing about.

    I usually have about 45 processes running and don't know if I should have less?

    If I should have less then how do I know which one I can do way with or which ones not to mess with.

    I am coming to the aid of you guys bc like I said I have no idea what i am doing so any tips or advise would be greatly appreciated

    thanks in advance!
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    Re: Processes

    What I usually do is open msconfig

    Start -> Run -> type msconfig <Enter>

    There are two tabs to note:

    Startup: You can disable any pesky startup services you don't need. The ones under this tab are usually from user installed programs and include most of the things that run beside you clock in the taskbar (quick launchers and the ilk). I usually use google to find out what really doesn't need to be running

    Services: These are the Windows services that are running/installed. I usually go down through the list and find the description of the service on this site:

    which gives some pretty good advice on what they do, and what you can and can't safely disable.

    If you want to get more advanced, you can go to:

    Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services

    This will list all the services (same as msconfig) but also allows you to make certain services only start manually (i.e. on demand) instead of at boot (by right clicking the service and going to Properties), that way they are not permanently disabled.

    You'd be amazed at what gets installed and is running as a default on Windows. shutting down anything that isn't neccessary should reduce the number of processes (and faster boots and better performance)



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      Re: Processes

      you can also use this guys guide, it has helped my rig quite a bit
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