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need advise on a laptop...

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  • need advise on a laptop...

    OK... been tossing and turning this in my head for a couple weeks now, keep deciding yes then no, repeat...

    so throwing it out there for some of you fellow gamer opinions...

    I already have a pretty damn good desktop system, even thou it is about 2 years old...

    Dell XPS Gen 4
    P4- 3.75 MHz
    2 gigs DDR2 RAM
    Raedon X1950X w/ 512 video ram
    Soundblaster Audity
    2 HD with 250 gigs each
    Win XP Media Edition

    It runs everything just fine and on high, but of course will be outdated in a year with Direct X 10 titles...ect ect...

    Now, for my question...

    I kinda want a gaming laptop so I can spend more time mission making and stuff like that when I'm stuck and away from home... (when I'm home and on my desktop, I just want to game)... but I will probably need a new desktop in a year or two...

    So... should I keep my already good desktop for another couple of years, and get a laptop top... looking at the new Dell XPS laptops:

    Intel core 2 processor (2.16 MHz)
    Vista OS (thats scary)
    2 gigs DDR2 ram
    Nvida Go 7950 w 512 video ram


    no laptop, and just get a state of the art desktop in a year give or take?

    pros and cons...thx?
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    Re: need advise on a laptop...

    I'm not a big fan of mobile gaming. The laptops don't have the same kind of power that desktops can get. Although, the 7950 GO could handle ArmA for mission making and playing. The big problem is if you can afford to upgrade to DX10 on your desktop and get a laptop.

    The Vista OS isn't scary but I think Dell still gives you an option to buy XP instead. Everybody thinks Vista is crap or isn't stable or whatever. It's fine to use and you'll probably be satisfied with the laptop's performance.

    How often are you on the road?

    - It's who you game with.


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      Re: need advise on a laptop...

      Originally posted by =Sarc= View Post
      ...How often are you on the road?
      That's the key question. I have a gaming laptop (XPS M170), it's still running most new games well such as CoH & World in Conflict with 7800 gtx and 2 gigs of RAM. I suspect I won't be able to play games in the near future on it (1 or 2 years down the road), but it comes in handy for travelling to my in-laws or heading to Clawhammer's house for the weekend and playing my current favorite titles (oblivion, BF2, and Command and Conquer Gens). If you do decide on a gaming laptop, I suggest getting the best to last for as long as possible.


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        Re: need advise on a laptop...

        My biggest problem with gaming on my laptop is the 14" screen. I absolutely love it for everything else. (Hint: get a Thinkpad.) I don't get top performance out of it, but it runs all of the games I play, including Armed Assault at the lowest settings.
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          Re: need advise on a laptop...





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