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Sound Cards for Vista?

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  • Sound Cards for Vista?

    Im currently running windows vista ultimate 32 bit and would like to add a sound card to one of my open pci slots but I can’t seem to find any cards that are listed as “Vista compatible”.....has anyone had any luck using vista with a sound card? Any recommendations?
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    Re: Sound Cards for Vista?

    Wish I could say differently but sound card support for Vista is crap. I have an Creative X-Fi sound card sitting here not being used because I got fed up with all the problems I was having. I'm using the onboard sound now.

    Taking a quick glance at Creative's site I see that they have an unofficial Vista driver for the X-Fi, but it was released back in May and has these known issues:

    This driver does not support the following:
    • Decoding of Dolby® Digital and DTS™ signals
    • DVD-Audio
    • DirectSound®-based EAX games
    • 6.1 speaker mode
    • Applications from the original Sound Blaster X-Fi CD will not work with this download.
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      Re: Sound Cards for Vista?

      I'm using the platinum X-Fi with YouPax drivers (search the official Creative forums for a link). It supports all the original software that should work like the audio console and entertainment center. Even the remote works now. I haven't tested the other features like DVD-Audio and digital signal decoding since I don't have the need for those features.

      EAX has worked reliably for me. The ALchemy is free for X-Fi users and does a good job of getting EAX to work in older games. I tried it out in Raven Shield and got the desired effects. Although, I find most newer games don't need it since they use OpenAL instead of DirectSound.

      I'm moderately satisfied with Creative sound cards. It sucks because I only got it for EAX. It was just that time when a sound card only supporting EAX2 wasn't good enough. If you like the EAX effects, you only have one choice.

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        Re: Sound Cards for Vista?

        Yeah - what Twisted said.

        But right now I am not having any issues with Vista 64 Home Premium and my X-Fi but it is hindered.


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          Re: Sound Cards for Vista?

          Hardware manufacturers are still up to their necks trying to fix compatible drivers for their hardware for Vista. So I wouldn't expect any "Vista compatible" sound cards for a few more months.

          With that said, Creative and several other manufacturers have "beta" drivers that work for the most part on Vista.
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