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Problems starting fresh after HD wipe/hardware upgrade

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  • Problems starting fresh after HD wipe/hardware upgrade

    Alright, so I decided it was time to upgrade my PC once again. However, this was a more total upgrade than I have done previously, encompassing sound card, motherboard, and CPU, and RAM. Relevant Technical specs as of upgrade:

    - 8800 GTS 640~ MB
    - Intel Core 2 Duo E6850
    - Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer
    - 4 Gigs DDR2 800 PC2 6400 Mhz
    - Gigabyte S-Series N650SLI-DS4 Motherboard
    - On a side note, I'm running one 160 Gig HD

    I'm running XP Pro, and read a bit before starting. I decided that, to avoid the hassle of Windows being disgruntled that the system has effectively been transformed beneath it, and having to deal with old drivers, I should do a total HD wipe. OS, all of it. So, I download DBAN, toss it on a floppy, change the boot order to removable media first, and reboot with the floppy in drive. It engages, and the program wipes my HD totally. Great! Then, I unplug it all, move the chassis onto a table, and remove the components being replaced. A while later, I've got it hooked back up with the new components all in the right places, hooked up like they should be, etc.

    Now, I boot up on the "new" system, and enter the BIOS. I change the boot order to CD drive first. I make the decision that I should install windows before anything else(The mobo manual lacked info on this ) , and have it boot up with my Windows disk in drive. It formats the drive(My descriptive memory is fuzzy when it comes to the exact things I chose at this point, though I could likely answer questions on it. Memory is funny like that. I believe I went with "Format the partition using the NTFS file system (quick)" ), and begins the windows installation. All goes swimmingly, and it restarts once done with the actual installation of the OS, where you come back in and have to choose your computer's name and all that crap. Well, I thought I was home free, but then it just hangs at the Windows XP Pro loading screen. You know, with the black screen, the white lettering, and the windows logo with the little bar in the middle composed of three squares moving horizontally to show activity. They cease movement, and it hangs indefinitely, every time.

    That's it. Where did I go wrong? I intend to utilize DBAN once again to start afresh, unless it can be avoided. The idea is to not make the same mistake again. I hope the level of detail is high enough, and I can answer any questions(I've got another desktop and a laptop, obviously ) . I would be very grateful for any help. In summation, I suppose my request is thus: a "guide" for how to execute this properly from start to finish, or a way to fix my current problem.
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    Re: Problems starting fresh after HD wipe/hardware upgrade

    First, you don't need DBAN unless you have sensitive data that you never want to recover. Second, you can wipe your disk using the Windows install CD. That's what a format is. It destroys the file table and the disk is essentially empty and ready for another use.

    The problem with hanging at the load screen could be Windows doing something that's taking a long time. If the load bar isn't moving though, I'm not sure what that could be. You've done everything correctly to reinstall Windows. You may want to try it with 2GB of RAM at first. Windows might have a hard time addressing 4GB of memory on first boot (technically, it can since 4GB is the max but that's not including video memory and other stuff it has to address).

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      Re: Problems starting fresh after HD wipe/hardware upgrade

      Try loading in with just 1 stick of memory. If it loads fine on one stick, then try adding in another and another until you either run into the same problem or it just loads completely.

      This sounds a lot like a memory conflict issue. Have you upgraded your GA board's BIOS to the latest?
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