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  • Power supply advice

    I've been thinking of purchasing a new rig in the next few months but I don't know how big of a power supply I would need.

    The system specs I'm toying with are:

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750
    GPU: 2 Nvidia 8800 GTS running in SLI
    Memory: 2 Gb DDR2
    Hard Drive: Single Western Digital Raptor 10K
    Optical: Single DVD drive

    Haven't found a good reference out there anywhere. I'm thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 850W. Anyone got any tips or ideas?

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    Re: Power supply advice

    You don't need 850W; you can run that system off much less. I highly recommend this power supply. It is the highest rated power supply I have ever seen anywhere (not just talking about on new egg). It has 2 x PCI-Express outputs too for your 2x 8800 GTS.


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      Re: Power supply advice

      How would I know though? Does each component come with an estimated amount of watts required?


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        Re: Power supply advice

        It's hard to really say how many watts are enough. I'm using a 500W with a single 7900GT, 2 harddrives, 4 case fans, and 2 optical drives.

        Check for estimated requirements on 2x8800GTS. That'll give you an idea for the base requirement. You may want to add 100W to it for growth. Although, there's not much room to grow when you already have 2x8800GTS unless you replace it with a higher end SLI setup.

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          Re: Power supply advice

          A quality PSU with around 600W output should be more than enough to handle your rig. You might be able to pull it off with a 500W one as well, but a 600W would put you in the safe zone.
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            Re: Power supply advice

            Thanks for the tips guys :)




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