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Power Supply problem?

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  • Power Supply problem?

    I've started having some intermittent problems getting my computer to start.

    Sometimes, when I go to start the computer, the lights will flash and the fans will spin for a split second and then stop, and the computer won't start. Any further attempts to start the computer will yield nothing, until I reset the PSU, and then the same thing will happen when trying again. Luckily, every now and then, I'll be able to get the computer to power up successfully, and once it's powered up, it will have no problem staying on for days at a time.

    I've opened up the box and checked all connections, etc., and the PSU is relatively new (a year or so old), so I'm not sure what it could be.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Power Supply problem?

    If you have a tester, obviously that would be the way to go. I had similar problems once and it was the power cable (4 pin, not 20) that was hooked up to my motherboard. Basically I had too much juice being drawn on that rail and the board could not start. Once I unhooed some of the splitter from that it started up fine.
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      Re: Power Supply problem?

      It could be one of many likely things:
      1) Your power supply isn't supplying enough power.
      2) One or more cables supplying power is not good anymore.
      3) Your motherboard is the cause of the problem (blown capacitors, bad CMOS battery, etc.)
      4) Some other piece of hardware is going bad/drawing too much power
      5) Your case's power switch is causing the problem.

      This is one of those things that requires a bit of testing. Like BigC said, if you have a PSU tester, it should tell if any of the cables are not working properly and/or if your supply is going bad. Or if you have a spare PSU that you know is good, you can swap the two supplies.

      The least likely would be the case power switch.
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        Re: Power Supply problem?

        I had the same problem on my previous computer. It was a faulty motherboard. I still use the same PSU for my new computer and I have not had a problem with it. Strangely enough, on my old computer, when I removed all my USB devices, cut the power behind the PSU, and then emptied it of power(by pressing the powerbutton), it would start again.
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          Re: Power Supply problem?

          similar prob yesterday,,,, a stick of my ram came loose,, duno how but it did... lights would flash,, fans would spin then nothing :(

          reset the ram in place and whaallllaaaaa ...

          must have been while i was cleaning it,, only thing i can come up with :)




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