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  • VOIP-problem.


    Yesterday, when we were pretty much rolling out in the first round of the scrim, I encountered a problem with my VOIP that I have never had before. When I pressed to talk, the green symbol turned red, and I was told by Al that it was all static and impossible to hear what I was saying. I tried to change some settings around [in quite a hurry I might add] but it did not really improve the situation. After a while though, the VOIP started to work when I unchecked and checked the VOIP-box and turned over to "hardware"...This made it possible to use the VOIP, but all other game [Battlefield that is] communication (spottings etc) was extremely loud and static in my earphones. I guess that could have something to do with the hardware-selection instead of software. Either way, I managed to get trough the scrim fairly alright I guess.

    A little while ago, I checked the sound and speak in windows with various tests, and it turned out that speaking into the mic did not do much good. When I could hear my voice, it was static. Sometimes I could not hear the voice at all. Tapping on the mic worked fine though. The software that I am running on is Sound Blaster 24-bit. I then loaded up BF do test the mic there - it did not work. I tried to change some settings - still doesn´t work.

    I unchecked the VOIP-box and checked it again, and the mic started to work! I left settings and headed to BFHQ and straight back to settings to test the mic again - did not work even though the VOIP-box was checked. Unchecked it again, and checked it - started to work. EAX and such things are activated and does not seem to be the source of the problem.

    I dont know how good of an explanation of the problem this is, but I really dont know what could have caused it. I played BF yesterday at around mid-day and the VOIP worked as it always have. I was on TS for an hour before the scrim started - no problems what so ever that I am aware of. But once I entered the game, my VOIP when to **** so to speak. And aboslutely nothing had been changed on the computer in between. Well, one thing, I changed the push-to-talk button in TS from RMB to F1, but that is all.

    Has anyone encountered anything similar? If there are things that you need to know in order to be able to help me out here, just ask what you need to know and I will try to answer as good as I can. I would appriciate any help greatly.
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    Re: VOIP-problem.

    I know I'm starting to have static whenever I use VoIP on my Audigy. From previous posts, others (like Sarc) have mentioned that the static may be due to drivers from Creative and that it may be an inherent problem.

    Try reinstalling your sound drivers and using a can of air, blow off any dust collected on your sound card.

    Other than that, you might be in a situation like me, where your sound card is beginning to fail.
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