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HP w2207 22" LCD Monitor

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  • HP w2207 22" LCD Monitor

    OMFG! I FINALLY got this thing after months of dreaming about getting it. I first saw it on display at a Circuit City a long time ago (in June I believe) back when I was first building this sytem. I was hoping the price would go down, but these things have been selling so well that it really hasnt moved much.

    The price is around $329.00 right now... bound to go down some more though.

    Anyways, this is the best monitor I've ever bought. I admit, I really like the glossy screen (it's like looking at a real flat-glass TV screen). The screen, although somewhat reflective, gives off the most vibrant colors and deep blacks I've seen in a long time. Everything just seems sharper then your standard hazy LCD screen (one reason I liked CRT better).

    The response time is only 5ms and it's noticeably quicker then older LCDs of course. Compared to the 2ms (newer) lcds out there I've heard there's very little difference - definitely not enough to notice. Personally, out of all the mons I've had, this one is the smoothest with the least ghosting (perhaps I've been neglecting myself).

    Another big highlight with this thing is everything that's included. They DO include a DVI cable along with a d-sub. It's got a built-in USB hub as well as speakers (handy for turnin 2.1 systems to 3.1 or supplementing a center channel). It's got the most shiftable stand I've ever seen. It tilts, raises, lowers, and SPINS 90 degrees into portrait mode. Once in portrait, it automatically changes aspect ratios (Jessica alba in 1050 x 1600 is just... <sigh>). The stand doubles as a container as well.

    Anyways, I know there are cheaper 22" out there with similar performance... but IMO you wont find one with all this included and definitely not one with a gloss screen, and believe me - the gloss screen (if you dont mind the reflectiveness) greatly increases image quality. All this comes with HP's great display software (basically lets you do anything you want to the monitor) and 1-touch customization on-screen (switching from games, photos, text, etc.) For the extra $20 or so, it's worth it.

    It's just a beautiful monitor and helps centerpiece a nice office. I highly recommend it.



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