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  • Help with video card!

    I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction in order to figure out whether or not I have any extra AVG, PCI, or PCI-E slots to install a new video card on in my laptop.

    I have a HP Pavilion dv9500 Notebook PC. From what I have heard you can't upgrade most laptops since most of the stuff is integrated into the motherboard but some have extra AVG/PCI slots where you can add new cards. I've searched all over the HP website and the help support on my PC and still haven't determined whether or not I have one.

    I'd rather not open the damn thing to look inside and find out so does anyone know where I can go online or on my computer to find this out? (I've also looked through the manual for my PC as well.) Thanks!

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    Re: Help with video card!

    My first instinct is no. It's an even bigger no since you looked in the manual and didn't find anything about it. It would mention if you could add/replace the video card in the manual.

    There are very few laptops that let you replace the video card and they're usually quite expensive.

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      Re: Help with video card!

      I've never heard of anyone replacing a notebook's video card. They're always really crappy for a reason...


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        Re: Help with video card!

        Damn, wish I didn't have such a crappy video card. Everything esle is pretty good but I have a GeForce 8400 which is only a 128M and I could really use a 256M at least.

        Oh well, thanks for the help!


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          Re: Help with video card!

          Unfortunately, the dv series doesn't have a replaceable gfx card. Although if it is still under warranty (or if you purchased it recently directly from manufacturer), you could ask sales if it would still be possible to replace your notebook with one with a higher end graphics chipset.
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