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Help! No signal after boot to desktop

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  • Help! No signal after boot to desktop

    My monitor worked fine this morning. Then today I came home to find that after it went through the boot sequence (which the monitor displayed) it would try to load the desktop, and not display the desktop. Instead, it said no signal found. If I move the DVI cable to the other port, it will display to the desktop, but not in the resolution I want, and until next boot. I've un-installed the drivers and re-installed them and done everything I can think of. Just seeing if you guys had the same problem that you might have fixed? If not, what would be an easy fix?

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    Re: Help! No signal after boot to desktop

    Wait, so the monitor will display if hooked up to the second DVI output but not the first?

    You should be able to adjust your monitor's resolution through your control panel (ATI one is Catalyst Control Center, nVidia is the nV Control Panel). Since your monitor is hooked up to the second DVI output, you might have to adjust the secondary display resolution and not the primary.

    It sounds like the card may be at fault. I would consider getting it replaced.
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