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  • Killer NIC

    Any of you spoiled brats have this?

    Its a great idea, was wondering if anyone runs it.

    For those of you who have no idea what it is. NPU-- network processing unit.
    A weak cpu attached to a network card. It can run alot of the processes without addressing your windows networking services, saving you cpu load and some ms of latency. It seems it can also run your firewall and p2p apps, allowing you to run torrents while playing since only free bandwith is allocated to the app while gaming packets are prioritized.

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    Re: Killer NIC

    See here and here.

    I would invest money elsewhere ;)


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      Re: Killer NIC

      Haven't heard too much good about it. In theory, its a good idea. Just really can't be taken advantage of by many/most people, and even then probably won't make much of a difference.


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        Re: Killer NIC

        It's not worth it. You could put that money towards a better connection.

        The only time it really comes into play is when you're downloading (no network) and you're gaming. It'll prioritize your game packets (if it can recognize them) and you'll get a slightly lower ping then you would if you didn't have the card. You won't be lag free though.
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