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Sign of a failing power supply?

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  • Sign of a failing power supply?

    So last night I'm playing a little Portal, and the computer just shuts off. I try to restart, the lights flicker for half a second, but it doesn't turn on. I go to bed thinking I should mess with it when its cools down. I didn't think heat should be an issue since under load it only ever reaches 45-50C on the chip, and I run with my case side open.

    Anyways, I tried it again this morning, same thing. So I unplug both the 20pin and 4pin connect that plugs into the motherboard, and then plugin just the 20pin. Now the computer boots up fine. I shut it down and try putting the +4 pin like it was before, now the computer won't boot again. I unplug the 4pin and it doesn't start again even with the 20pin in. I pull the 20 pin out again, then plug it back in and make sure its seated well, and the computer boots up fine again.

    Is this a typical sign of a failing power supply, or just a fluke? Essentially I'm just running it with the 20pin connector, without that small 4pin one. Here's my power supply:
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    Re: Sign of a failing power supply?

    Most likely is the power supply on its last legs.


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      Re: Sign of a failing power supply?

      Sounds like you might need to replace it.

      Intel boards (P4 and beyond) require the 4-pin from the PSU. Without it, you run the risk of inadaquate power flow to your CPU and quite possibly not even power to spin the HSF (which could then burn out your CPU).
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