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Logitech mx3200 prob.

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  • Logitech mx3200 prob.

    I have this 3200 that I'm using on one of my pc's and when I'm hitting the 'w' key to walk/run the jump key won't work. I have to let up on the 'w' key. It sucks. Is there a problem with the keyboard or is it just a drawback to this particular model or is there something I can do to fix it.


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    Re: Logitech mx3200 prob.

    That's a fairly high-end model. One would assume that no such drawbacks exist in such a higher-end model.

    You can easily determine if the problem is from your keyboard or your computer by swapping with another keyboard.
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      Re: Logitech mx3200 prob.

      Depending on how the keyboard is wired, it's possible that 'w' and whatever your jump key is won't register as depressed at the same time. You'll have to use another key as jump or get another keyboard.

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        Re: Logitech mx3200 prob.

        Which are you using for jump?

        One trick is to move critical actions like jumping to a shift key. Any will do -- Shift, Alt, Ctrl, Caps and Tab might even be safe. The reasoning is that the shifting keys have dedicated wires since they are expected to be any-and-all depressed with a keyboard key, while the main keys weren't designed for more than a couple depressed at a time, which was nice since it was eaiser to have one wire serve a section of the keyboard, usually a row, than to have 200+ wires flying about.




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