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    Hey guys,

    Most of... well all the time since I was 12 I been building my own computers for personal use. It's come to the point in life where my hobbies, work, and other life activities have taking away from my time to research and build my newest monster machine. Now since I have always built my own computers, I have never researched custom building businesses and know very little other then the 5 big players. I'm here asking about one compony which seems highly recommended, I seen them from magazines to internet banners and G4 television channel at late night. I have a settlement come to me sometime in the future so I'm going to have a large sum to spend upon a system and like to get feedback if anyone has thier systems and what they think. I'm also accepting feedback of other companies you would recommend, but only leave me recommendations if you have used their systems, please.

    Thanks guys for you time.
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    Re: Gaming platform

    actually a buddy of mine just bought one from there about 2 days ago and is waiting for it to be shipped. He said the CS was great, he had to call on a few questions. They helped him determine what system would last a long time and make for some easy upgrades in the future. Once he gets it i will post some feedback on what he got and if he likes it.
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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      Re: Gaming platform

      Another member also had a question in regards to Digital Storm:
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