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New media comp...I love OTA HDTV...

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  • New media comp...I love OTA HDTV...

    So I got this new box built, and it's finally actually putting some pretty pictures on the screen... I am greatly annoyed at the amount of trial-and-error involved, and the number of pitfalls that I have fallen into, even though I thought at every stage I had done enough research to pull the trigger on some purchase...

    I will say that the OTA HDTV that I am receiving now (finally!) is absolutely amazing... I will watch football all weekend long if this keeps up. Too bad I don't have a big TV, but the 20" widescreen LCD is fine for use at my desk...

    System running now is a 6750 C2D (amazing chip,) 3.2 g ram and Gigabyte's 8600gt passive. OS is MCE2005, and I'm using Purevideo mpeg2 decoder (it works far better than the Nero Showtime that came free with my drive, and I suppose that I'll buy it at the end of the trial.)

    For TV, I have AverMedia's 780 or whatever... the one with analog and digital tuners. I am using BeyondTV's trial now, and it's working with this Radio Shack antenna I just bought, though I don't like the interface as well as the MCE. I couldn't get any HDTV in MCE2005... It bugs me that I might have to buy the BeyondTV when I have the OS that I already paid for, but maybe I'll be able to make the OS work yet. I still might need to buy one of the double bow-tie type antennas, though. I am confused as to why I can't get better reception here in NYC with all the powerful towers within 4 miles of my apartment and a clear path to them down the East River, but who knows. Maybe those bridges in the way have something to do with it.

    The biggest thing I wish I had done differently (so far) is go 64-bit Vista. The box was originally going to be a 64-bit Linux box (hence the 4g of ram I bought) but then I needed to run the BF2CC prog, and I didn't want to buy Vista before a service pack upgrade came out. The MCE2005 was cheap and does have a good rep for stability, from what I researched, so I hope it'll do.

    Someday I will try to make a flow chart of all the stuff needed to make things work, but I'm still not sure what I'm doing right or wrong or dumb.

    Anyway, if anyone has any advice, lemme know, specifically about antennas, TV-viewing progs, and decoders I might find superior to what I am trying to use now...
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