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  • Help with PSU

    ok here it is,,, shortly im going to be upgrading my gfx and cpu

    right now i have a 7950 GT KO and a E6600 running off a 450w antec

    all in a P5N-E SLI mb

    im going to be going to a 8800GT and a Q6600 ( yes i need the Q6600 )

    so what PSU should i get a 600-650 w ???????? or will i need to go higher????

    ty for any help you guys can give :) want to buy 1 time lol or should i look ahead to maybe being able to go sli ???? if so that would call for a bigger PSU but dont know how big :( thanks guys for you help

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    Re: Help with PSU

    At least a 600W should cover it but I think the 8800GT is less power hungry than the 7950 GT KO or about the same. I'm running a 500W Seasonic with a E6400 [email protected] and a 7900GT. I don't know how much power the Q6600 uses but it should be fine with a 600W.

    If you are thinking SLI, a 600W should cover 2x8800GT and the other new parts you're getting now. Although, it's not really that cost effective in the long run. For a beefier SLI setup, you'll probably need higher watts like 700W.

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      Re: Help with PSU

      Another point worth mentioning is that just looking at the wattage on a PSU is not the best way to go. There are no real strict regulations on how they give you the wattage, so a 700W PSU might not actually be 700W. It may have changed since I last was purchasing PSU's, but you used to have some brands that would come up with a Total Wattage that was impossible to actually draw because of how the rails were set up.

      Long story short: Don't buy a noname brand PSU with a huge wattage rating because it is cheaper, or you'll end up paying for it in the long run.
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        Re: Help with PSU

        PC power and cooling. Forever. their PSU's are the most quality pieces of PC hardware i've ever owned


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          Re: Help with PSU

          Quality over quantity is the name of the game for PSU's. AS stickyjeans said get a top quality psu and you will be very happy. Amps per channel is important as well. Be sure to get a psu with the new 8 pin PCI connectors which some of the newer video cards require (or will soon).

          After alot of research I purchased the Corsair 600w for my system. It cost the same as some higher watt systems but has high end parts, clean signal and rock stable. This "little" 600w psu is capable of running 8800GTX in SLI.

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            Re: Help with PSU

            I have a OCZ 600W (not exactly the one in the link, they don't make them anymore) and it runs a Q6600 (overclocked) and a 8800GTX with two hard drives and other crapola. No problems on my end.


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              Re: Help with PSU

              Honestly, you should be fine with your 450W PSU. I doubt your system ever draws more than 380W at any given time anyways.
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