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    Ok, heres whats goin on.

    My moms computer is slooooowwww as hell, and she wanted to restart her computer, but my moms ex was stupid enough to put a copied version of windows xp on her comp, so (we dont see him anymore hence the EX part) we need to buy a new copy of windows to restart her computer.

    My question is: Does Windows XP Home Edition come with Word, Powerpoint, Exel, etc.
    (i read somewhere that it doesnt tho) And, Does Windows XP Pro Edition come with Word, Powerpoint, Exel, etc.? My mom wants XP but with Word, and all those things because she uses them alot.

    Im really not that smart at this stuff so please use easy words for me and thank you so much i really appreciate the help. (and so does my mom =D)
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    Re: Windows xp PRO

    No version of windows comes with Word, Powerpoint, ect, those are Microsoft Office Suite Programs, and needs to be purchased separately.

    You can get a whole new computer now for like $200-$300+ and Office 2003/2007 is like $150+


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      Re: Windows xp PRO

      also do you really need Office? Becauase open office will do enough of windows office and its free. Word documents will open in it and you can edit them
      that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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        Re: Windows xp PRO



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          Re: Windows xp PRO

          If she is not a power-user, I'd direct her to MS Office. I had such a hard time getting OpenOffice to save .doc files I gave up on it. The formatting became scrambled when you opened them in MS Word, especially if you used a lot of tables. Pissed off a lot of people at work for a few months until I finally caved and bought the OEM Student Edition of MS Office for $100 bucks. Worth every penny.

          BTW, I think it's too bad that the standard for documents is a payware format, let alone MS. But it is the standard.
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            Re: Windows xp PRO

            If you want a legal copy of both XP and Office products look at the business lines offered by both HP/Compaq and Dell.

            By the time you purchase XP and the Office apps you want you are looking at big cash.


            You could buy a subscription to TechNet. For about $350 you get about every piece of software Microsoft offers to business users (no games or the like). It is an excellent deal.
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              Re: Windows xp PRO

              Originally posted by TheSkudDestroyer View Post
              LOL. I've never heard it pronounced like that before. :D

              Ubuntu is a pretty good free choice. It's simple to install and comes with Open Office. I think it's worth trying out. Considering she doesn't know much about WinXP or Linux, it doesn't matter which one is used. The only issue is the need to run Windows apps. There are usually alternatives for Linux but finding them can be a bit difficult for the average user.

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