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Nvidia 680i microphone problems

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  • Nvidia 680i microphone problems

    I've got an EVGA Nforce 680i with the onboard sound setup, and I plugged in the mic, and it recognizes it, but doesn't pick up any sound. On previous setups, there was a checkbox that allowed a +xdB boost, and the box is greyed out. Any suggestions? I can't use teamspeak, or the in-game VOIP for BF2/POE2.

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    Re: Nvidia 680i microphone problems

    Hello rich73 and welcome to TG.

    Your mainboard uses the "RealTek ALC885" sound chip.

    Many Realtek owners have similar problems.

    1. Download from RealTek the latest driver:
    2. Install
    3. Reboot
    4. The RealTek HD icon appears at the right notification area, on the taskbar
    5. Double click it
    6. Go to the mixer tab
    7. There are two panels, Playback and Record
    8. On the lower right side of the Playback panel, use the arrows to scroll and see more sound channels
    9. Some input channels like Rear Pink In (where your mic is plugged in), have an extra button next to the standard mute button
    10. Use button

    If this does not work, try the previous RealTek driver.

    Post a reply if this procedure solved your problems.

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      Re: Nvidia 680i microphone problems

      I have tried that. No luck.

      I have heard of various sound issues with this board, but as I'm using the latest drivers for sound, video, and other stuff, as well as the latest bios, I would think this would've been fixed.

      At this point, I'm looking at installing a soundblaster X-fi.




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