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  • Network Issues

    I'm networking to my Mom's computer across an old Linksys 4 port switch.

    It worked on DSL a little less than a month ago, but I've recently switched to cable and it's stopped working.

    She's running Windows XP Prof but has only recently installed. She didn't reformat, she just installed over, more or less. (Actually, I'm kind've confused as to what she did, but the OS works beautifully.)

    I'm running a brand new system with Windows XP MC.

    I have her network set up exactly the same as mine is (to the T). Mine works. Hers doesn't.

    I'm lost as to what other information you guys need. I'm no networking guru, but I've done quite a bit of networking before.

    Anything will help.


    Yer Mom /O>

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    Re: Network Issues

    Believe it or not, the easiest way to do it is to go into the control panel and use the create new connection (if I remember correctly), under the network connections tab. It will create a disk that you simply pop into the other computer and tada. But just be aware of any firewalls running on the machine, they will usually block another IP (another computer on your little LAN) attempting to connect.

    Doing it manually can be a pain, but is still achievable with a little help. If you need some help by all means catch me on chat...
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      Re: Network Issues

      Type "ipconfig /all" in a console window on each machine and post what you find.

      If the modem uses PPPoE, then only one machine at a time can use the modem, and you need a router that understands PPPoE to share it.

      If it's a regular modem, does your cable account allow multiple home machines to share it? (Ie. can you get multiple addresses using the same modem?)
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        Re: Network Issues

        I just fixed a network for a friend over the phone that had been working for a year by simply enabling upnp on everything. might be worth a shot.
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